We're not on the cutting edge of the culture. You aren't going to find alot of games and gimmicks here, no flashing lights, no smoke and mirrors. Entertaining the masses isn't what we're about. Our goal is to lead people to be maturing followers of Jesus Christ. Everything we do comes back to that. We believe Jesus Christ is the only Son of God and Savior. We want to know Him and experience the joy and wonder of His salvation. And we want that for everyone else, too. We have worship services, small group meetings as well as other gatheirngs, but it all serves one central purpose. To know Christ and make Him known! Maybe you've grown weary of shallow, culture driven religion. Maybe you're searching for the Christianity of the Bible, the kind that is supposed to be different from the world. Maybe you're ready for a real life changing relationship with God. If so, you might want to give Mt. Zion a try.